Why Us

Abc Supermarkets

Abc Supermarkets AS is an Estonian company operating under the Delice Toidupood, Solaris Toidupood and Comarket trademarks. We have almost 450 employees. Only the best people work for us, and we’re proud of them. Several times we’ve been voted the retail chain with the best level of service in Estonia, reflecting the competence of our team and the respect our customers have for them. We’re honest, caring and innovative – these are our core values. They’re what we aim for in our working relations, too. We view every employee as an important partner.

You play an important role in the team

We value each and every one of our employees, regardless of their position. The work you do means a lot to the company as a whole. Working together as one team, we achieve more and create values that touch on us all. Relations between us are always positive. We place a lot of value on the suggestions you make and appreciate it when our employees are innovative and enterprising.

Your development is important to us

We support this by offering you training and development programmes and via rotation. Working for the ABC Group presents you with a diverse range of opportunities for development. We recognise your achievements and value years of service.

Your family is important to us

We watch out for them and for your well-being. We do this through a range of activities and by offering flexible hours, opportunities for sports and exercise and our Health Week initiative. If you’re having problems at work or at home, we have a professional counsellor you can talk to. We celebrate happy occasions in your family with you and support you at times of sadness and loss. We give long-standing staff extra holidays so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

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